Brown Cow “All-Natural” Yogurt

was so generous and gracious in sending me 4 manufacturer’s coupons to pick up some of their yummy-looking Greek yogurts at my local grocery store. My contact gal from Brown Cow wanted my thoughts on the Brown Cow’s brand-new “Cream-Top” GREEK Yogurt. Yet, she also sent me 2 coupons for her “regular” or rather, original “All Natural” Yogurt (non-Greek) as a way to “compare” that with their new Cream-Top Greek yogurt.

However, unfortunately, the “Cream-TopGREEK Yogurt is brand-spanking new, and is not available yet at any of my local grocery stores. Therefore, I will be posting a “Review” of that later, when it becomes available here.

First, you can read more information about the company of Brown Cow Farm here.

Back in 1973, two self-proclaimed hippies in Ithaca, New York embraced the idea of “homesteading” and bought a Jersey cow to provide milk for their family. Like all Jerseys, this brown cow, named Lily, made extra-rich and creamy milk. From that milk, her family began making small batches of extra-rich and creamy yogurt, which they shared and sold. And so Brown Cow Yogurt was born.

By 1983, Brown Cow had grown a lot and was making its yogurt in both Ithaca, NY and Petaluma, CA. In 1989, the Ford family bought the company and moved all of its operations to Antioch, California.

By 2003, Brown Cow had become the nation’s best selling all natural yogurt. The Fords sold the company that year to the New Hampshire-based yogurt maker Stonyfield Farm. Like Brown Cow, Stonyfield had a long history of environmental stewardship, promoting family farms and making wholesome, delicious yogurts. As part of the Stonyfield family, Brown Cow has remained an all-natural yogurt leader.

* * * * * *

You can also “Learn The Brown Cow Difference” here, about what makes Brown Cow’s yogurts different than other brands. Essentially Brown Cow says:

  • We use only natural ingredients, like fresh, wholesome milk, the finest fruits, pure maple syrup, honey, real vanilla, coffee and cocoa and never any preservatives, artificial colors, artificial sweeteners or refined sugar.
  • We treat our cows well. The “American Humane Certified” seal tells you our milk comes from cows that get ample space, gentle handling and no artificial growth hormones.
  • the farms that supply our milk are all California farms.
  • We pasteurize our milk slowly and gently at low temperatures, and we carefully craft our yogurts one small batch at a time.
  • All the milk we use to make our yogurts is produced without the use of artificial growth hormones (rBST, rBGH).
  • We put four live active cultures into our yogurt. This includes the two cultures all yogurts contain—S. thermophilus and L. bulgaricus—plus two more: L. acidophilus and Bifidus.
  • All our yogurts are certified gluten-free by the Gluten-Free Certification Organization.
  • Everything we make is certified kosher by the Orthodox Union.

Brown Cow sells 5 “Lines” of Yogurts which are:

Creamtop Greek

Within each of these 5 Lines, Brown Cow then sells the yoguts in these following 3 quantities and textures:

  1. 6 oz  Smooth & Creamy
  2. 6 oz  Fruit-On-The Bottom
  3. 32 oz  Smooth & Creamy

* * * * * * *

 My Review & Ratings - Ask any of my friends or family and they can tell you that I have alwasys loved yogurt. In fact, back in High School and throughout college, I think I ate at least 1 yogurt a day…if not more. I have always known that yogurt has just so many (thousands?) of wonderful uses in dishes. Yet, it’s sort of the “manna from heaven” to me because it’s not only a sweet treat, but it taste like I’m eating “dessert” for a snack! Not only that, but it contains active cultures which are good for digestion, but also boosts the immune system. Additionally, in general, yogurt has always been high in protein, due to the fact that (most brands) are made from either dairy milk, soy milk or some other type of “animal” milk.

When a kind gal at Brown Cow yogurt sent me coupons for their newly released Greek Cream-Top style yogurts, I was pumped.  Soonafter, I went to my local grocer and purchased 2 of their “regular” Cream-Top “All-Natural” yogurts. Again, the GREEK style is not yet in-stock, so I have to wait until late to taste and review those.

The first flavor of the “regular” All-Natural Cream-Top I dug into was Maple. I think it is very eclectic and unique for a yogurt flavor. Maple wasn’t overpoweringly sweet and had a decadent richness to the texture. It was a little heavenly adventure to dig down through with my spoon to discover the Cream-Top layer.

My Review & Ratings – I picked-up 2 flavors of the “All-Natural” Brown Cow Yogurt, here are my ratings:

1. Maple ” Cream-Top All Natural” – 4.5 out of 5 – Sweet maple & almost molassis plus brown sugar flavor infusion. I felt like I was eating a creamy version of buttermilk maple pancakes!

2. Blueberry “Cream-Top All Natural” – 4.5 out of 5

*HIGHLIGHT — And…my FAVORITE flavor of the 2 Brown Cow Yogurts?

Both the Maple and Blueberry are REALLY good! I guess I’m a “traditionalist” though, and I tend to gravitate toward “berry” or “fruit” flavored things. So, I’ll say that Blueberry is the winner!

Oh…a few last things, Brown Cow has a very neat “Recipes” Page of how you can cook and bake with yogurt. You can view this page here, which contains delicious recipes for Breakfast Items, Salads, Dips & Dressings, Main Courses, and Desserts. Some of these feature: Apple Cake, Red-Leaf Lettuce and Vegetable Salad with Yogurt-Mustard Dressing, Cashew Shrimp Curry, and Pumpkin Cheesecake with Yogurt Toffee Topping.

Overall, I highly recommend and endorse Brown Cow’s excellent Greek Cream-Top Yogurts!

* * * * * * *

**STAY TUNED — As i noted, as soon as the Brown Cow GREEK Cream-Top yogurts becomes available here where I live, I will get some, and I will be posting a Review on it. I hope/plan to “compare” the taste with the “regular” Cream-Top to share whether I personally can taste a difference.

Question for My Readers:  Have you ever tried any of Brown Cow’s Yogurts? The Cream-Top All Natural or the Cream-Top Greek, yet? If so, what do you think?

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12 thoughts on “Brown Cow “All-Natural” Yogurt

  1. Ingredient Checker

    The ingredients of the Maple flavor lists “evaporated cane juice”, which is essentially refined sugar – so I’m a little surprised that Brown Cow claims they don’t use refined sugars. Hoping this product is different from other yogurts, but not totally convinced.

    1. Amy

      Hello “Ingredient Checker,”
      Thanks for your comment about what type of sugar Brown Cow uses. I went onto their website and looked on their “FAQ” page and here’s what Brown Cow says:

      Question: “Why do you add sugar to your yogurts?”

      Answer: “Almost half the sugar listed in the nutrition legend is not added sugar, but sugar that naturally exists in our milk and fruit ingredients. We do add some maple syrup or sugar for taste. Still, we add less sugar per ounce than many leading yogurt makers. The sugar in our plain yogurts is what naturally exists in milk. ”

      Thanks again for your comment.


  2. Dorothy Harris

    I love Brown Cow Plain Greek Yogurt. My problem is Wal Mart stopped carring it and I can’t find it any where. Where can I purchase it? I live in Oklahoma City, OK

    1. Amy

      Hello Dorothy,
      I’m sorry to hear that Wal-Mart stopped carrying it. However, I did visit Brown Cow Farm’s website:
      and according to the “Store Finder” it lists several Wal-Marts in Oklahoma City, OK as being a retailer for the yogurt.

      It also lists Sprouts as carrying it:

      Have you tried there?

      ~Amy :-)

    2. NW Girl

      Hi Dorothy,

      I live in Tulsa and I can find it at The Fresh Market, Whole Foods, Sprouts, and Akin’s. I’m not sure what y’all have in OKC, but I know it’s easy to find if you make your way to us :)

      PS: Brown Cow yogurt is what my dreams are made of lol. It’s soooo delish.

      1. Amy

        Thank you for your comment. I’m glad that you like Brown Cow. Yes, I can find this brand at my local Grocery Store, too. My favorite is a tie between Blueberry, but I love Maple, too.
        ~Amy :-)

  3. Peggy Jago

    I love Brown Cow Blueberry Yogurt (cream top) when I can find it – recently ordered at Vons market a box of a dozen – have to use willpower not to eat more than 2 at a time! Sometimes it’s there and then disappears…..eating two keeps me going all day – discovered it some years ago but then couldn’t find it for a long time – never buy ice cream if I can get Brown Cow – the only other substitute yogurt I buy is Mountain High – my daughter loves the Maple version – when I can find it I buy half a dozen and take to her house , leave it in refrigerator for a surprise and treat. addicted to the blueberry version……

    1. Amy

      Hello Peggy,
      Thank you for your response! I’m so glad that you like Brown Cow (cream top) yogurt so much! Thanks for visiting and keep coming!
      ~Amy :-)

    1. Amy

      I am glad to hear that you tried and like the Honey flavored Brown Cow Cream Top Greek Yogurt. Indeed, it’s very delicious and has a great texture. Currently, my “favorite” Greek Yogurt has been Fage and Oykos Green Yogurts.
      ~Amy :-)

  4. Ann

    So…….it’s “natural”……what about GMO’s? brown cow’s standard response is to buy organic stony field because they can’t be certain about the feed their cows are getting and if its GMO! Really????? Wake up people! One or two natural ingredients do not cancel out poison from cows fed a GMO diet!


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